Bunny Hop

Category: Basics, Jumping
Difficulty: Level 2 (of 4)

A Bunny Hop is a jumping technique used to jump over small obstacles while mountain biking. A Bunny Hop works without a ramp, the lift is achieved using a low-to-high movement, similar to a stretch jump.

Important: when doing a Bunny Hop, you don’t jump with both wheels at the same time, you jump with the front wheel first, then the back wheel. To do this, you lower your body centrally over the bike, guide your hips back, and then pull the handlebar up (and toward your hips) with your arms as you move up. The virtual pressure point is between the bottom bracket and rear axle.

If you perform this stretch jump vigorously, the rear wheel also leaves the ground when stretching the legs. This builds up body tension so that the feet can also exert pressure on the pedals to the rear. This also allows the rear wheel to lift off the ground without slipping off the pedals.

In this phase of the Bunny Hop, you push your upper body and handlebar forward and pull the rear wheel further up by bending your knees. In this way, obstacles can be mastered. When landing, the front wheel then touches the ground again before the rear wheel.

Have a look at these instructions to get all infos about how to use the Bunny Hop:

Video Tutorials

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