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Tailwhip on a Dirt Bike - Slow Motion Video

Dirt Jumps: Tailwhip

Tailwhip on a Dirt Bike - Slow Motion Video

The Tailwhip in super slow motion - mirrored for both directions

The Tailwhip is a dirt jump trick where the frame is swung once around the head tube during the jump.

The impulse for the rotation is provided by the left or right leg, depending on the direction you want to swing the tail around. You can increase the impulse with a movement on the handlebars. Stop the rotation with your leg.

This video shows a slow motion clip of a tailwhip.

04.12.2020 © FULLFACE

Dirt Jumps Tailwhip no footed jump Trick Dirt Bike Level ★★★★ Rider: Lennart Preuss Copyright: FULLFACE

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